Composite Rotor Blades That Improve The Helicopters

Fiscal and Physical Performance


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Upgrade to Composite Main and Tail Rotor Blades.   Judge The Performance Difference For Yourself.


Composite rotor blades that improve the helicopter’s fiscal and physical performance. VHA’s composite tail rotor blades feature efficient cambered airfoil designs that use less engine power to produce more tail rotor authority, reducing the pilot’s workload while providing greater control.


VHA’s composite tail rotor blades are ruggedly designed with service lives twice as long as the OEM blades. But since VHA blades only cost a fraction more than the OEM blades, your direct operating costs are reduced by nearly 50% when using VHA blades over their full life.

With lower operating costs and greater tail rotor authority, our composite blades provide a “win-win” situation for both the operator and the pilot. All products are FAA STC/PMA certified.


Product Lineup

Van Horn composite main rotor blade

Main Rotor - Bell 206B


Tail Rotor - Bell 206 / OH58


van horn composite tail rotor blade

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